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Sep 22 - 24, 2019 Infection Prevention 2019, Liverpool, UK

The IPS Conference is the largest exhibition on infection prevention and control in the UK, bringing together over 1000 professionals and some 100 companies. Leading experts will speak about the latest current and future challenges in their field and the state of the art in research. There will be a comprehensive series of lectures, meet-the-expert sessions and specialist streams. In addition to the main conference sessions, there will also be one-day conferences dedicated to the following topics: Development of leaders in infection prevention and control; infection prevention in paediatrics - "hand in hand", collaboration for children.

Sep 27 - 28, 2019 19. Annual Conference of the AWA, Salzburg, Austria

This year's annual conference of the AWA (Austrian Wound Association) is held under the motto "the right thing at the right time - from evidence to efficiency". Accordingly, existing evidence from the literature will be bundled and presented in a comprehensible way, but also important working recommendations will be developed, which should guarantee a successful treatment of the affected persons. In the field of plastic surgery, decubitus prophylaxis and decubitus surgery are also addressed. In addition to lectures on angiology and negative pressure therapy, the event will present the latest patient brochure on diabetic foot. On Saturday the topics psyche, disgust and shame with handling the human body and important questions regarding hygiene, such as different hygiene treatment extra and intramural wrap up the program.

Nov 28, 2019 Interdisciplinary WoundCongress (IWC), Cologne, Germany

This year's theme of the Interdisciplinary WoundCongress (IWC) in Cologne is "The new dimension in wound care". About 50 exhibitors will present their products in the field of wound treatment and wound care, healthcare and health legislation as well as wound documentation. In the accompanying congress speakers dedicate themselves to exciting topics from these research areas. In the context of a satellite symposium presented by Lohmann & Rauscher visitors can particularly deepen individual aspects around the wound treatment and learn practical assistance.

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